Hey you

Oh no, another fucking blog!

Yes, that’s what people usually think when a new blog pops out. But since I have nothing better to do (and by nothing better I mean I have an economics test tomorrow and I’m certainly NOT prepared for it) I decided – why not?

Why should I start a blog? Let’s see….a lot of my friends say I should and that’s a valid reason, I guess..

Seriously though, I’m a regular girl and regular shit happens in my life. But I actually have some good stories worth sharing and that’s why I decided to do this. Let’s see how this goes.

What you need to know about me right now?

  • I’m 24 years old.
  • I’m a tourism management student (and no, it’s not as fabulous as it sounds).
  • I already have a college degree prior to the one I’m currently working on.
  • Like most people my age, I daydream about traveling and all that stuff.
  • I love my dog, don’t even think about talking shit about him.
  • I’m a pro procrastinator and I can give you some tips on how to successfully succeed in life while procrastinating.
  • Tinder is my bff and I’m not ashamed by that.
  • I’m a sucker for TV shows – they’re the ones to blame about my procrastination addiction.

I guess you’ll get to know me as this goes.

P.s. Don’t roll your eyes while you read this. It’s my first post!


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