The dating scene for a 24 year old girl with braces

I’ve never been in a relationship since I got my braces

I’m on tinder as I write this.  I don’t get all the hate towards the app. It’s actually pretty cool to me! I think that in order for you to understand my affirmation, you should know the following info about me:

  • If I happen to find someone attractive, everybody is going to notice. Literally everybody. I turn red. I feel intimidated by good looking people. And I’m not talking about ridiculously good looking people, just slightly above average good looking people.
  • If so person decides to approach me I then proceed to mumbling sounds. I can’t speak. Suddenly I don’t know any Portuguese or English or German (you know, from those 10 words I know in German).
  • I’ll find anything so person says or do funny. I mean….I’ll hysterically laugh.

You get the point of how successful I am on face to face encounters. That’s why I use Tinder. It’s easy to find someone I reckon I might be able to interact with. Usually I talk to a person for a few days before we decide to meet (if we end up meeting) and by that time I’ve mastered the necessary skills to keep a long lasting conversation with a guy without looking like an hormonal teenager.

(By now it has been over 10 hours since I started writing this, I’m no longer on Tinder. Just thought you should know.)

After all the preparation it takes for me to go out with someone I realize – Wait, I have braces! Yes, I’m a 24 year old girl with braces and I noticed not one of my profile pictures on Tinder shows that. It’s not on purpose, I really don’t take a lot of pictures. The selfie game is not for me. After this realization, I get all nervous again because what 24 year old girl has braces? All these questions pop in my head, I think I even googled at one point “Dating for adults with braces”. Should I tell him? Is there a non awkward way to drop the braces bomb? Are my braces a bomb?

Time to meet him. Here I am, I think that’s him over there. “Hi, I’m Débora. Nice to meet you. Should we go grab something to drink?”. I gotta tell you, 100% of the times I met someone, we go and grab that drink, we talk and nobody seems bothered by my braces. This can be because a) braces really don’t matter to anyone except for the person who has them; b) I’m so awesome the guy sees beyond my braces. I’d like to think b is the answer. But really, who the hell cares about braces anyway?




  1. VHAlex · April 23, 2015

    i guess no one cares about braces. I actually find braces in girls cute

    Liked by 1 person

    • debsmp · April 23, 2015

      I guess you’re right. I should take a chill pill next time I meet someone!


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