Little sister & Cigarettes

She’s a teen – we need help!

April 25th. Portugal’s Liberty day. Anzac day. Mom’s birthday – Happy birthday mom! The day my mom found out that my little sister discovered the smokers world.

She’s almost 15. Marvelous age.

She’s a tough one. Always have been. She’s a rebel by nature and she’s trying to define herself since I can remember. Right now she’s hanging out with a weird crowd. They are popular but not the type of popular american movies portrait. They are popular online which apparently makes them incredibly popular at school. She has some bands I have never heard about following her on Twitter and she spends her days uploading her Tumblr page. She has a weird sense of style. She dresses like she’s the love child of a goth and a flower power hippie. I personally like it. It shows that she has character.

Now she occasionally smokes, apparently. I highly doubt that she’s a smoker. I believe she grabs a cigarette, tries to puff a few times but her main goal is to take cool Instagram pics.

It’s not cool to smoke, I’m not saying that. But I get it. I remember when I was her age and I remember how difficult it is to feel like you’re part of something. And when you’re 15 you want to be part of something. And I know that later she’s going to find out by herself that she doesn’t have to be part of anything. But until then, she has to discover who she is. And she’s going to make poor choices. And I’ll be here to write about them.


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