A tall girl in a Portuguese world

First world problems.

I’m living a nightmare. I’m a 5’10 girl (1.78 m) and I live in Portugal. Do you know the average height of a Portuguese man?

A new study has shown that the average height of European men has grown by 11 centimeters in 110 years, and in Portugal, even though men have also grown taller, they are still among the shortest of the 15 countries studied.

Men are short!!! According to this study, Portuguese men grow to 5’7 (1.72 m). Even though I know men that are taller than that, they still are shorter than me or about the same height as I am.

Since I live in midget land I have to explore other territories. During my 24 years of life I’ve had two Portuguese boyfriends. One was about the same height as I am and the other was maybe 1 inch shorter. It’s not that bad. But as a girl it feels weird to be taller than the guy you’re with. Women are supposed to be delicate and men are supposed to be bigger so they can protect them. But I’m just like Brienne of Tarth. Portuguese men aren’t for me and their height is reason number 1 I started dating foreign guys. And it’s just like the saying “once you go black you never come back”. Now that I have this weird rule that I must date only foreign guys (thank God Lisbon is one of the most touristy places in Europe at the moment) I have a hard time imagining myself with a compatriot of mine.

But hey, I’m not that shallow. I admit I stopped dating Portuguese men because of their height at first but with time and experience I learned that they still have a lot to learn when it comes to the art of approaching a girl. I can prove this presenting you some Tinder evidences (it’s not that legit of an evidence but it is what I got).

                  Evidence one – the foreigner                  Evidence two – the Portuguese


Translation – that “hey, how are you” chit chat and then “So what do you do for a living?”.

He got me bored so I stopped replying.

Guys, step up your game. Of course height isn’t everything but the ability to make a girl laugh means a lot to us. But for now I’ll continue exploring foreign territories.


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