What would you think of me judging from my phone

All of the below might be true.

  • This girl must be into some Wes Anderson crazy shit.

The wallpaper

  • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest. She has it all. Wait, where’s Twitter? Is she not on twitter? What kind of person is not on Twitter??
  • How many calendar apps one needs? This chick must be a control freak!
  • Contacts: Alex from Tinder, Ben from Tinder, John from Tinder…..
  • Whatsapp messages: Alex from Tinder, Ben from Tinder, John from Tinder…..
  • Let’s see her music playlists. Who is Chet Faker? Who is Mac Demarco? Who is The Babe Rainbow? I give up….
  • Now the photo gallery: Tinder conversations screenshots, Instagram posts screenshots, random dogs pictures.
  • She doesn’t have any games!
  • If she lives in Lisbon, why is her forecast prediction for Melbourne?
  • 8 new Tinder matches and 3 new messages. Is this an average Tinder day for a girl?
  • Let’s go back to the calendar: Friday – Lunch with Alex from tinder; Saturday – Drinks with Ben from Tinder; Sunday – Brunch with John from Tinder.

(pulls out own phone – downloading Tinder)


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