The band that came to talk to me

Tomorrow I have my finance test. I started studying today. I’m going to fail that class so I decided to write this instead. 

I’m a huge music festivals fan. I’m extremely cheap in every aspect in my life but if some band I want to see is playing in Portugal, I’ll spend whatever they’re asking just to go to the show. Last year I went to Vodafone Mexefest for the first time. This is a music festival that takes place in Lisbon every November and it has a different concept. This is not an open space kind of festival, it’s in a number of different venues in the middle of the city like theaters and palaces. People have to walk all over Lisbon with a map looking for the venue where the band they want to watch is playing. It’s fun, it combines two of my favorite things: music and tourism. The line up is similar to Pitchfork’s. Last year’s was something like this:

  • St. Vincent
  • Sharon Van Etten
  • Cloud Nothings
  • King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
  • Perfume Genius
  • Sinkane
  • Wild Beasts
  • Tune -Yards
  • Palma Violets

You get the point, it was a good line up. I was really excited to see Palma Violets. This is a fairly new British band but their first album was reaaally good. They remind me of a garage band with lots of rock involved. Plus, they’re British kids. A bit younger than me but still…

Groupie is a word that never seemed right to describe me as a music fan. I don’t look like a girl band members want to hang out with, I don’t have the stalking skills necessary to chase a band or to find the hotel where they’re staying. I just dreamed of talking to an artist someday but I never had a plan. Somehow, it happened. No plan needed just an absurd amount of luck I’m yet to understand.

There’s a street in the downtown of Lisbon which you can call the main street of the festival because it’s where the majority of venues are located. As I was getting out of one of those places, I looked at my map to see where Palma Violets where playing. I had about an hour to get there but the not so funny thing about this festival is the capacity of the venues. They were playing in a small place so I needed to be there soon enough to guarantee me a spot, preferably front row. I forgot to mention I was with Margarida, the Best Friend. You know how this will end right? So we were walking on this really busy street because a show had just ended and this guy bumps into me. I looked back just to shout something like “careful next time” and I couldn’t say a word because Palma freaking Violets bumped into me! Well just one of the guys but you get the point, they were all there! They were lost, trying to find the place where they were supposed to play. My stalking mode was activated and I immediately followed them. They stopped somewhere to ask for their artists wristbands but I could hear them asking directions for the venue. I could have helped them! But no…I just sat there waiting for them to get out while making an entire conversation with them only in my head.

I managed to get over that sad event and got to first row of the show. They did great, it was their first time playing in Portugal. Later that night we were at this tiny venue, it was some palace’s room, but was so crowed and hot inside we had to leave. It was November, it rains a lot in November so Margarida and I got in the first pub we saw just to have a roof over our heads. We sat there drinking our beers, talking about all these amazing shows we had watched and I randomly say “It would be awesome if Palma Violets walked in here.”. I swear to God, as soon as I finished this sentence, Margarida starts laughing and I look over my phone and I shit you not, Palma Violets were walking into the pub. Nobody in the pub knew who they were but Margarida and I couldn’t stop staring at them and of course they noticed. I stupidly said “Great show earlier guys” and the bass player, which is the Harry Styles of the band, took a bow at ME and blew a kiss. I died a little inside. This is every teenage girl dream and I was starring in it. They took a seat, we continued to drink our beers as nothing had happened, as no band was in the pub. Next thing I remember, the bass player was walking towards me, he leaned over, put his arm around my shoulders (Yes, this happened) and asked if I knew some place where he could buy some cigarettes. That was it. A band member had come up to me and not the other way around. Sure he made a stupid question but that’s not the point.

I can die in peace now.



  1. alexhalderson · May 7, 2015

    and did you tell him where to buy cigarettes or you just entered in a vegetable state due to shock?


  2. dianasadventures · May 7, 2015

    omg… study study study. I have a 20 page essay due on Monday (senior in college) and I thought it was due on Friday… needless to say, I haven’t started it yet 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • debsmp · May 7, 2015

      I’m studying right now but I think it’s hopeless!!
      You still have time just resist to procrastination!!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog and motivate me haha x


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