15 again

The Aussie is back!

Last night my friends and I discovered our new favorite activity: reading guys profiles on Farmers Only. Yesterday we found a 50 year old gentleman who was leaving the website because he found his “beautiful cowgirl” and he pretty much made an Oscar worthy acceptance speech encouraging every one to not give up because the one is out there and thanking Farmers for the opportunity to meet all those amazing ladies that somehow changed his life. Apart from reading the profiles we also set a goal – try to find someone who is not from Texas.

While I was holding my phone looking for the best profile I could find to read out loud with my fine Texan accent, my phone vibrated and a little notification popped up: Aussie guy sent you a message. WHAT? It was 2 AM which means it was 11 AM in Melbourne and somehow this guy was thinking about me during this booty call/ first thought of the morning moment! My heart was beating at a crazy speed but this was not only because of this random message! Stay with me for this time line:

  • Two nights ago I dreamed about him.
  • The next day he liked one of my old Facebook photos.
  • Now he’s messaging me.

If this isn’t some weird sign I don’t know what it is. My girly brain by this time is convinced that I’ll move to Australia and marry the guy because clearly he’s head over heels in love with me. Keep dreaming dude.

It took me about 15 minutes to calm down and reply to the message. My friends were loving my teenage girl moment. The message wasn’t anything special but still – knowing that my own Chet Faker was thinking about me on a Saturday night/Sunday morning was enough to make me look like a 15 year old girl that had met her favorite One Direction kid.


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